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Being Smart at agile

At Capgemini The Netherlands we’ve developed an agile software development platform that captures and combines a large number of best practices into a high-speed high-quality software factory. This platform is called the Accelerated Delivery Platform (ADP). It is targeted at increasing both productivity and quality of software development at Capgemini and its customers mainly in Java and .NET, but it will encapsulate more technology as we go along, such as SharePoint and business intelligence. All of the best practices, tools and techniques are used and shared by a growing number of organizations, including our (community) open code generators and frameworks.

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This website, which is actually a wiki, demonstrated how to use the accelerators from this agile software development platform. Do not hesitate to apply any of these best practices and techniques to your projects, and if you do so, do not hesitate to register and share your knowledge on agile, Scrum, Smart, smart use cases, smart estimation, agile dashboards, Tobago MDA (and model driven development) and frameworks on this wiki. Enjoy.

Overview Accelerated Delivery Platform

Overview Accelerated Delivery Platform

The Accelerated Delivery Platform includes an agile project lifecycle, pragmatic modeling guidelines, estimation techniques, dashboards, model driven techniques, frameworks, training and coaching.

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